J.S. Goode

Landscaping History

In the late 1950's, my father, John S. (Jack) Goode was being introduced to the wonders and joys of plants by his soon-to-be father-in-law, Dr. Joseph E. Goeller. My grandfather, Joe Goeller was a dentist in Circleville who had a great love of the outdoors. With my grandfather's encouragement, my father began a nursery and landscaping business in 1960.
Jack and my mother, Judy made many sacrifices to raise five children and run a small business. They laid the foundation for a successful business, going the extra mile to ensure quality and customer service. Throughout the years my father became involved in several other businesses (restaurant/winery) but the landscaping business always remained the core business.

I am John J. Goode, born in 1964, the next to the youngest of five (four sisters). I was raised working in the family business from an early age. A good work ethic and taking care of the customer were values that were instilled in me over and over again.

I graduated from The Ohio State University in 1986 where I met my wife, Amy. Amy also works in the business heading the designs and residential sales. We have two grown children. We have continued to grow the business, keeping it a family operation that is big enough to handle any job but still small enough to care about our customers and employees.

My father, Jack passed away in 2018. He lived his entire life loving his ever growing family, landscaping and his plants. In 2020 we celebrated 60 years in the landscaping business and we would like to thank everyone who has given us the opportunity, trust, and pleasure of serving them.

John J. Goode
J.S. Goode Landscaping